GigUp Project Pilot activity

On Wednesday June 21st we organized the pilot training, one of the milestones of our GigUp project ( co-financed by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union.
We delivered the training in hybrid mode, with physical presence in Cyprus, at the premises of the European University Cyprus, joined online by our associates from the Technical University of Berlin (Germany) and Innovation Hive (Greece), members of our consortium.
Learners and trainers/educators from Cyprus, Germany and Creece joined our training online, utilizing the infrastructure kindly provided by the European University Cyprus.  
Learners and trainers who joined us online were introduced to the history and evolution of the gig economy, and how it has been facilitated and accelerated by technological developments, globalization and new working demands from both workers and employers.
We then delved into the 6 learning modules developed under the specific project result, covering a wide spectrum of skills. Skills include the ability to analyse potential market opportunities, the importance of personal branding, the ability to manage resources, even for individual professionals and the skills of the future.
The training is specifically designed to support gig economy participants decode today’s complex business environment and thrive in this new transformative econonic trend.
The invaluable feedback received during the pilot will enable our consortium to refine and optimize our project results and the learning platform.
Our consortium is committed towards further refining our project results, making them more innovative and supporting gig economy participants not only survive but thrive, capitalizing on the opportunities of the global gig economy.

Follow our project website for updates on the project progress.