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About us


Our unwavering belief is that the accelerated technology and innovation adoption, bolstered by the everlasting principles of governance, ethics, and transparency, has the transformative power to enable organizations, societies, and economies, to enhance their innovation capacity, drive efficient growth, and foster sustainable social and economic progress for the advancement of all stakeholders.

Our objective is to foster value creation and collective progress through long-term collaborative alliances, that leverage the opportunities and benefits offered by Research, Technology, and Innovation (RTI) while navigating the challenges of today's complex, highly competitive and rapidly evolving business landscape, and capitalizing on the transformative potential of RTI.

With the global economy at the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), organizations, economies and societies that will successfully utilize RTI, will benefit from the arising opportunities and  address the challenges of this sweeping revolution.

Industry 4.0 will both enable, but most importantly demand from organizations to operate vertically and horizontally, to use and constantly adapt to technological changes, to manage big volumes of data, to develop and use innovative products and services and to operate and compete locally as well as globally.

We firmly believe that RTI can enable organizations, from start-ups to scale-ups and large corporates, to enhance their competitiveness and become sustainable by advancing their innovation capacity, optimizing their operations, and developing new or improving existing products or services.
Our commitment is to facilitate the development of adaptive, resilient, and forward-thinking organizations and societies that thrive despite the uncertainty brought by technological development and constant innovation. 
Let's join efforts and embrace the transformative power of RTI to challenge existing paradigms and shape a shared vision and a brighter future for our organizations, economies and societies.
Our understanding of research, technology and innovation, in combination with our drive for excellence, empowers us to support organizations integrate RTI in their strategy, governance and operations, successfully implement complex projects and shape their future.
We collaborate with our partners to acquire funding for joint innovative projects and ideas that unlock new possibilities by addressing technology, social, economic or sustainability challenges, under one of the relevant European research programmes (i.e. Horizon Europe and Erasmus +).
Our Mission

To pioneer for innovation and drive growth in our local, European and global community, by leading actionable and transformative research and technology initiatives, acting as committed agents for competitiveness and sustainability.

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.
- Steve Jobs

Our Work

  • We are driven by real business and social needs and seek to tackle them with innovative ideas and concepts.
  • We set ambitious and achievable goals and act in the best interests of our stakeholders and the benefit of our local and European community.
  • We support organizations of all sizes to address important technology, business and societal challenges that beset them, and benefit their stakeholders.

Our Expertise

Our subject-matter expertise, coupled with our skillset and European network, allow us to support the entire life cycle of complex projects, from the development of a concept, to the management, implementation, dissemination and exploitation of project results.

Our collaborative approach allows us to partner with like-minded organizations, sharing knowledge and expertise, to strategically structure and position innovative concepts, within the broader European economic, and social context, and develop initiatives that can drive sustainable growth, benefiting our European economy and society.

Our Aspiration

To collaborate with our European and global partners, driving ambitious initiatives that tackle global challenges, advancing technology and innovation, promoting competitiveness and sustainability, and building a prosperous, fair and equitable future.

Our focus is on projects that can support organizations to become innovative, competitive and sustainable and add value to their stakeholders and society.