Project EAGLE

The EAGLE project (CovEring the trAining Gap in digital skills for European SMEs manpower”), co-funded by the European Union’s Digital Europe Programme under grant agreement No 101100660, is on.
We would like to thank our coordinator, the University of Burgos, for hosting the project kick-off meeting on the 2nd and 3rd of February, 2023.
The project is designed to help SMEs adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape and ensure they have the skilled workforce needed to compete and thrive in the global economy.
During the course of the project, our consortium will develop targeted training courses to support to SMEs in closing the gap of existing skills in the followiing technology areas:
• Robotics,
• Data analytics and ethical AI,
• Blockchain technology and blockchain in finance,
• Cybercrime, cyberthreats and cybersecurity,
• Intersection of energy and technological systems.
We look forward to working with our prestigious partners and delivering high quality results, addressing the needs of our target groups.

To find more about the objectives and progress of the project, as well as our partners, please visit the project’s website (